WALBERNIZE CLEANER POLISH & GLAZE is an original formula containing a combination of cleaning, polishing, and glazing ingredients. It provides easy cleaning and polishing action while simultaneously depositing a deeply reflective , water-proof, glaze finish.

WALBERNIZE quickly and easily removes oxidized pigment, traffic film and spots of road oil or tar.

WALBERNIZE glaze finish is long lasting and detergent resistant. It can be used on chrome and glass.
Not recommended for clear coat finishes.


For perfect results do not apply WALBERNIZE CLEANER POLISH & GLAZE in direct sunlight. Wash and dry vehicle first.

1. Shake well before using. Apply to surface using a clean, dampened wax applicator or cloth well saturated with Walbernize, or use an orbital buffer.

2. Apply with a firm, even pressure to a small section ( 3 ft. by 3 ft. ) using a circular overlapping motion.

3. When a dry haze appears, buff with a clean, dry, soft cloth.

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